Why I do this work

When I first came into contact with this way of singing in 2007 at a workshop led by Erica Nap I literally felt my heart open. I was very moved by the sense of connection that arises when someone sings from their soul. I suddenly felt the intense beauty, the unbelievable creativity and the value of every person's uniqueness. I also felt 'this is what I've known for a long time and have lost touch with - that in essence I am already music'. If I dare to listen and to trust what comes my music is already there. I don't have to try my best any more to be a musician and to meet other peoples expectations, I just need to turn inwards. Ha, what a relief!

After a week long summer residential singing and dancing with Erica I knew that there was nothing I wanted more than to facilitate others in the discovery of their own voice. I started the two year training with Jan Kortie as a voice facilitator. This is my translation of the Dutch word 'stembevrijder', which literally means 'voice liberator' but because of the war associations it brings to mind in English I prefer to say voice facilitator. What I gained most of all from the training was space. Space to be allowed to be imperfect and within that to be able to use my talent. My talent is being present. As a small child my granny called me 'the little Budhha'.

Since July 2009 I have been running my own business as a voice facilitator. In this work I get to combine my talent and my love of music. I really enjoy helping people to discover their own voice and am constantly amazed by the power singing has to open and transform people.

You are most welcome!

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