What the participants say...

'Singing with Izzy has brought me more in touch with myself. What strikes me about Izzy's lessons is how much she says without words. She's very good at sensing what's going on in people. It's not about having to sing well or beautifully. That creates space. This helps me to immerse myself in the experience of singing and to sing whatever's there. This is sometimes difficult, confronting or scary but in the end I always learn from it and it feels good and liberating.'
Deborah Vogel

'...at the end of the fifth lesson I (who really can't sing) all of sudden sang a beautiful song about freedom that came straight from my heart. For a moment my voice was free'.
Marc Koppels

'I did some wonderful singing with Isabel. I was quite amazed by the amount of music and song I seem to have in me'.
Willeke Rotteveel

'What I enjoyed most about this course was how I was surprised by my own voice: ...wow, did that powerful, low sound come out of me? Unbelievable! With her beautiful violin and piano playing Izzy stimulated and supported me in my singing. I really enjoyed it!'
Linda Busman

'Singing with Izzy is light and enjoyable. She knows how to let humour and light heartedness predominate even when heavy stuff comes up. Her instrumental accompaniment on piano and violin help you to find and sound your inner voice. I'm a fan!'
Eric Breider

'I gained a lot from Isabel's playful approach. Now a few months later I still notice the effects of her exercises. I regularly do these myself at home and my voice seems capable of more than I'd ever dreamed to imagine. I'm going to do the course again!'
Hilbert Elsinga

'When I sing thought stops. My attention goes to my body. By singing I explore what's there - space, love, sadness, longing, anger. It brings me more in contact with everything that's going on. It's so much a part of me and still every time a new experience. New and familiar at the same time. With her great musicality, love and empathy Izzy knows how to create a setting in which all this can happen'.
Coen van Ruiten

'The sessions are sometimes confrontational but always enjoyable. Like many people I hold a lot of tension in my body, especially in my stomach. Singing is an enjoyable way for me to become more aware and thereby free of this tension'.
David Dodd

'Thanks again for the special, warm and inspiring day. My compliments for how you gave us the space and also encouraged us with music and words to express ourselves'.
Dorien Crietee

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