My Music

"I began to understand that music exists because people need it, to express energy, and pathos, and humour, and all the things that come organically from living".

(If you can walk you can dance by Marion Molteno)

In 2007 I completed the two year foundation training in psychosynthesis at the school in Amsterdam (

Psychosynthesis has a lot in common with natural voice work: both stimulate the development and bringing into the world of your soul qualities. Both work with how you can deal with counter-forces that arise when you follow your soul's calling. My psychosynthesis training showed me how my loud inner critic made it increasingly difficult for me to enjoy my own music making.

Around the same time I came into contact with natural voice work and the following question came to mind: 'what is playing music actually about?' For me it used to be about receiving acknowledgement. Then I realised music wasn't the goal any more but the means to express who I am in the deepest sense and thereby to create connection. Connection to my soul, connection to my surroundings and connection from my soul to another.

By learning to deal with my inner critic and focussing on my qualities as a musician I began to experience pleasure again in playing and writing my own music. Some of it can be heard at

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