Individual sessions

Often we simply want to be heard. Then the loving presence of someone who really listens can be very healing.

You are welcome exactly as you are now and that is our starting point: what is your attention drawn to in this moment? What do you feel in your body? Where do you feel tension or a lot of energy? How is your breathing? What wants to be heard now? I guide you in breathing into the areas that are tense and letting sound come from there. You learn to differentiate between the sound you want and therefore produce and the sound that wants to go through you and is effortless.

The emphasis is not on singing well or beautifully but on letting your voice make the sound it wants to, the sound that feels right in this moment. That doesn't mean that what comes out cannot be beautiful - when we let go of control our voice can surprise us beyond our wildest expectations - we can be amazed and moved by our own sound. You'll experience an increased sense of space and vitality. I use my  guitar to accompany your singing and to invite, challenge and entice you to sing your song.


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