Finding Your Natural Voice

"If the love of music is in you, it can find a way out, whoever you are".

(If you can walk you can dance by Marion Molteno)

Singing creates space - for us to be with whatever experience arises in each moment. When we sing we breathe. When we breathe we feel. Through feeling our body comes alive; tensions dissolve; energy that is stuck begins to move again; we become reconnected with our inner vitality, strength and creativity.

I believe that everybody can sing. We are all full of music waiting to come out. As children we sing even before we can speak. Yet as we get older we learn that singing is something that has to be learnt, and that some people can sing and others can't. Often we don't sing because we think our voice is not beautiful enough, not as good as someone else's voice and so not worth hearing. We are frightened to expose a part of ourselves that is so imperfect, and vulnerable. Filled with our own judgements and other peoples we become afraid to sing and thereby lose our most intimate, direct and authentic form of expression.

I believe that every voice wants to be heard and that every voice is unique and intrinsically worth hearing. Your voice is the instrument through which you can share your truth with the world. Freeing your voice is about sounding from your essence. If you look at a small child you'll see they spend all day expressing themselves freely by spontaneously following their impulses. As we get older we learn to control our impulses and to behave as we are expected to by society, parents, teachers etc. Through this conformist behaviour we lose touch with our true selves, our vitality and our spontaneity. Freeing your voice is about restoring your true self by letting your voice do what it wants to - which is to express whatever's going on now. When you express yourself in total honesty you give yourself completely to this moment and that is always satisfying and liberating.

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